Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just So You Know

I'm running away and getting married. We're going to the Islands and hiring her roommate as our maid. Probably going over winter break. Just to let you know.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-Pay, Diverse, Tangerine, Cocoa, Car Door

Methinks that my scarf smells too strongly of Ocean Breeze that the bottle accidentally expelled while I was being the test sniffer

Due to the events here at college two high-schoolers stayed in my room. If you can call it that. They went to bed after I did and were packing up when I awoke. When one asked where the bathroom was I offered to give him a quarter which I said he would need to get in. He believed me. I smiled and told him I was joking and that he didn't need the change. He smiled back and told me that I had really gotten him. Took some flack for it online. Some found it hilarious, others found it insensitive. I trust he wasn't emotionally wounded. I'm not bringing out sackcloth and ashes. I would've offered room service, but it's a college dorm.

Made no-bakes without the proper amount of oatmeal. They tasted amazing and most of them looked like pancakes.

Had an amazing evening.

Loves to play guitar.

Is so excited he can work out again.

Thinks he's addicted to abrazos.