Monday, December 31, 2007

On the brink

The last day of the year - I got back in the first hour of today from Michigan. I had so much fun! My sister Rochelle and friends, Janette & RuthAnn went to my friend Becky's house. We played a bunch of games. Watched 5 movies over the weekend, went to the British Pantry for tea and breakfast. Which I must admit, was uncomfortable. The target audience was totally for middle aged older women, those ritzy red hat society people who just happen to make me raise my eyebrow and open my eyes wide. Despite my social discomfort I managed to slip by with grapes on my tea cup instead of roses, [Uck! Just the thought of the tea cup!] and my sister presumed to be my wife when we paid our bill. I must pay compliment to the food: the scones, wedding soup and candied apple tea I had was so delicious! We went ice skating later that night and had a blast. It's my 4th time going and I enjoyed it so much.
Here's a good thing about friends, I enjoy laughing and making people laugh. I laughed so much this weekend, especially after a couple of movies when it's three o'clock in the morning. We watched Mr. Bean's Holiday, Amazing Grace, The Illusionist, Shrek the 3rd, and the Nativity Story. Mr. Bean was pretty funny, but the plot of the movie was weak, and he never talked. Amazing grace was amazing, seriously. Pun intended. The illusionist: good! Shrek the 3rd I had already seen and unsuccessfully tried to sleep through. The Nativity Story was great, fairly accurate and except for a debatable scene it was touching, accurate, humorous and realistic. Sunday we went to church and I was really impressed by the spirit of God, and had a great worship time. I'm not going to even start, but I will mention I had an awesome time, it was so great hanging out with friends and just having plain old legal fun, but Shhhh don't tell anyone. On the way home it was so funny. We had stopped at the rest area along the pike for gas, bathroom and drinks. I had gotten my Caramel Macchiato when I walked over to RuthAnn who was getting her drink at BK. I walked up with a smile and said "Hi! It's been forever. How've you been?" [The whole time a blonde guy about 20+ year old cashier from BK was watching.] I began talking with RuthAnn about how life was for her, the whole time the guy was just staring at us like, "Oooookaayyy." Once we were out of sight I began laughing so hard. Then outside by the pumps, Janette threw away her glass root beer bottle and was acting tipsy, so I grabbed it and tried to drink the last few drops then threw it in the trash, the whole time of course the little old guy sitting in the glass box in the middle of the gas pumps just staring at us like "Ooooh my". So much fun and laughs!

Oh, and now I have to "start watching what I'm saying" I've got people starting to find my blog from other people and resources. *gasp!*

Shower, then off to friend's for a New Year's Eve celebration.
Until next year,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Something to Think About on Boxing Day

So this is how my King came - the greatest gift - wrapped in bloody, dirty rags.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Joyeux Noël...It's French!

So today's Christmas...[I state the obvious] and I had a very good day. [but is that what you want to hear?] Surely I couldn't vent on how horrible my holidays were, how inappropriate! Well let me just tell you!....*begins fake cry*...Okay, I'm merely joking but I remember the days when I was miserable at Christmas. Sin, doubt, guilt, depression, loss of loved ones, friends. I found no hope for the hurting among people, no outlet to spill your pain. Only in God...Only in God.

Excuse of the week! - "I can't help it!" Now if this isn't the most irresponsible whiny pathetic excuse. As if to say, I simply don't have the guts to do what's right. I can blame it on my inability to _____. You fill in the blank. "I can't help it. I've fallen in love. It's not my fault!" Just thinking about the R&B/Rap song my sister was listening to on the radio on the way home from Pop & Grandma's. Now I realize I have a tendency to attack bad logic and philosophy, but God gave me this mind, so I use it. Not with a proud/critical/judgmental mindset, but a guy with a brain (that uses it).

Your controversial thought provoker,

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ah, Christmas Eve!

So God kind of "slapped" me this morning, but I take hope in the fact that he chastens those whom He loves. He spoke to me through His word. Here's what I read: "I cry aloud to the Lord...I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble. When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way. I cry to you, O LORD; I say, "You are my refuge." In light of what I already said I shall let it speak for itself. My prayer is Psalm 141:3 - Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.

On to [more] happiness: today is Christmas Eve, and there's actually snow on the ground! For northeast Ohio's crazy unpredictable weather this is quite a feat. (And it makes me happy) We will be having our family Christmas later on today...ahh presents! Just can't forget the one wrapped in dirty bloody rags.

Hey!...Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thought I'd Write About This

Do You Ever Feel Like This Little Guy?

I'm very tired of people assuming relationships in my life. We have a big problem! Now the only thing I can deduct from this is that I must be very popular or something, because tonight I just heard of "my fourth relationship". First I liked this girl...they were sure of that! Then they asked me about another girl, "Certainly you like her!" "Oh, and what about her? You guys would make a great couple." And now I have people waiting on news of yet another girl and I getting together, its inevitable and coming soon! [I left the girls' names out on purpose] *wink* Oh yes, my dear people, oh yes! Dating and marriage [for me], it is inevitable! It is coming...soon or not, God knows. OR perhaps its my not too recent break up with another girl whom I shall purposely leave nameless here....Just tired of people assuming things about people and relationships in my life. I give a firm nod and smile to those who have the guts to ask me if I like someone. Please talk to me rather than talking about me so that I find it out later from someone else. *grins a sarcastic smile* Oooooh. I despise matchmaking. Sure it's cute to see couples hook up, and fun to get involved, and I'm not totally sure how God orchestrates Christian young people getting together, but I have a feeling we are messing with God's work. We bring a matchmaking monopoly to his workplace! So I'm asking, Why am I the subject of fire?!? And as I get the questioning look, just go read James 3:5-8. This is what I (and the Bible) call worthless talk. Command: 2 Timothy 2:16 & Warning: Matthew 12:36 - But no one dares to speak or preach on this! No one talks about self-control any more. No patience. No virtues!

Please forgive my ranting and raving, I shall be quick to point the finger at myself too and admit that I as well must hold my tongue towards others...We just like our old self too much. Do we? Am I wrong? James pegged it: you're religion's worthless if you can't hold your tongue. May I be so bold as to say also that you're relationship with God is lacking if you can't keep your mouth shut. There, I've said it...hang me.

and just to think Christmas is the day after tomorrow!....

I Hope You Have Fun This Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Nobody says it anymore

Nobody says "Merry Christmas" anymore. I mean, everyone is scared to say it. I haven't heard anyone say it yet. Seriously, I say it to people in the store and it's a shock to them. It's as if a little cheer is too much for their depressing little world. Either that or Merry Christmas is religiously offensive. *gasp* Oh my! We must say "Happy Holidays" or otherwise we would be culturally insensitive! Too bad people, I am going to say it. So even if my pearly whites hurt their dark little world, I'll smile anyway.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breaking Traditions. Oh yes.

I camped out with Keith, Jon and Josh the night before last. Oh yes, camped out. 15-20 degrees, a few inches of snow on the ground, low wind, "cute" little fire, breaking the yogurt tradition. Also, we had Pizza 'a' Ramen, very filling and good! [ground beef, ramen noodles, pepperoni, pizza sauce, mushrooms] Plus cookie s'mores! And then there's the fire: we burnt a few things of the plastic and rubber origin, much fun! We had called Nate to let him know that we were camping out and for once we had not brought yogurt which he thought was very wrong. He missed us, sitting there in his apartment, not getting to go camping, so the first words out of his mouth when he called back were, "I hate you." It was very funny. We also called Denver to ask him for his "professional opinion" on whether or not putting a shotgun shell into the fire was safe or not. And for all of those who are laughing or scoffing or have their mouths open still from when I said I camped out: I'll have you know...I kept very warm!

So in the morning yesterday, Alana called Sam to go do something and Sam mentioned that he was camping out. Her mom said "You're weird" in the background, and Sam retorted, "What? You're just now figuring this out?" So Sam spent the afternoon with her, they went down to the coffee shop in downtown Massillon.

Okay, enough with the third person. My friends and I decided to get together last night for some food and coffee. Dined at OliveGarden, and hit up B&N afterwards for books and Starbucks coffee. We discussed a few things, and laughed a lot. I enjoyed it. The thing that amused me most was when they said, "And then there's Sam."

We discussed a few things, one I remember was Sunday's lesson on the graven image/idol. I must insert a point in here which Tom totally did not bring out. Our whole American culture! i.e., American idol. Love disguised as sex, drugs coated with the label fun, and then the money god! Normie summed it all up saying, "When you make a graven image, or have an idol, you're basically cheatin' on God" Fact: did you know Catholicism rearranges the 10 commandments? Eliminating the 2nd and expanding the 10th.

And who's to forget Dani's mention of the young Russian writer writing his girl, or the professor playing chess and his prodigy who unbeknownst to the world this is the bald white haired professor's last chess game. The professor will soon die and unless his prodigy realizes the way the pieces are being moved on the board, he will lose the key to his life, which the professor is trying to tell his prodigy that he will soon take his place. Dani mentioned that we write him out the game piece code and hand it to him, but I said that he thinks nothing of it, stuffs it in his coat pocket, to which later his girlfriend finds and asks him about, he says, "Oh nothing." and she said then doesn't find the key to his life, until years later when he runs into her!

Caroling tonight, better dress warm.

Run-on sentences, yes, I know.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Blog [!]

I long for the burning hot water of the shower. [For which I shall soon depart to enjoy.]

3:45 came too early this morning. However, I went with my cousins to go deer hunting. In brief, I sat in a tree stand for a couple of hours, then I got too cold and walked around. Then we did about three drives. On the second one I heard crashing up through the brush. To my left I saw a little four point or so, and a doe behind him, they were tearing up through so I just put him in my scope and fired. Wild shot: missed of course. After this drive it began snowing and I got excited...prematurely. It snowed and snowed, then [it] decided to rain. So for most of the afternoon I was in snow, freezing rain, and rain. I was happy with the 3+ inches of snow, but got really wet [not soaked though] No buck for a birthday present. Although I am happy that it snowed. I always want it to snow on my birthday.

Anyhoo, it feels weird to blog an entry on my birthday. Very odd,because I feel obligated to write something inspirational or something. BUT, I shall resist and refrain. Breaking the mold and jumping out of the box. Now those older than me will scoff and posh I know, but I do feel very old. And for all those who ask me, "So do you feel any different?" I have decided on a response this year. *mysticly* "Yeaaaa, it's like sooo..." *abruptly* "NO." hehe

Well I must stop what I'm doing, to appease my family, and take part in that wonderful tradition of opening my gifts. Farewell.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Everyone loved the room. Open dorm was last night. I felt really good that all the hard work put into decorating my room was appreciated. It's a good feeling. I loved it myself. Who's to argue against the ambient glow of 1800+ lights? Who doesn't like trail mix, or a cheesy, yet humorous homemade movie about Gangsta Claus? It was also good to finally see some people's rooms...see where they spend hours or their life here at college. Or where they hang their *cough* photos...

May I? [Thank You]
I must comment about the smells of the rooms I visisted. I shall leave names and room numbers unsaid, but I was quite...repulsed and pleased. To explain: some rooms reeked of sweat and dirty clothes. Others had the overwhelming smell of freshly sprayed perfume or cologne that was entirely too strong. Ugh. It's all about the mood people! I must congratulate those who had a slight fresh clean smell permeating through the room, or the lovely scent of coffee! Mmhmm. And for the love of hospitality don't lock your door! Nothing screams "I'm busy. I have finals. I didn't clean my room" like a locked door.

Oh how those goodies we consumed at the staff's houses were good......good goodies! The Parriman's food was voted #1. The Avery's were voted as Best House. Miss Smith's voted Most Unique. Cravens' were voted Best Drink (Hot Spiced Apple Cider) with the Davison's in 2nd Place with Peach Tea. The Cravens' also had the best Ambience, with the music playing, candles burning, and sitting on the couch sipping hot cider just made us all want to fall asleep right then and there and forget the tests we had the next day. Although the only voter in this years open dorm staff competition was myself, I think that they should have food/drink/decoration competitions, for fun.

I must admit, I was in a very good mood last night, perhaps a bit immature. Sarah invited me to go with her group, I think she wanted some laughs and entertainment after the day she had.

TB and B&N today. Charlie. Leanna. Mel. Ike. I. Very Fun. The only thing missing as Char, Mel and I were walking along the riverfront is that hot vanilla latte in my hands. And it's not cold enough to really see your dragon breath. Blast this cold rainy weather. Snow or sun please! I shall not complain though. I will bless the Lord, He HAS been good to me, and gracious.

I'm gettin' excited. I'm going home for Christmas tomorrow. *sings* "I'll be home for Christmas"...and my birthday, and I get to go hunting! Luego.

Oh...Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fun, Frolic, Family, Friends, Food, & Fellowship

Sam, RuthAnn, Janette: We went to Old Navy and Starbucks last night. Found these hi-bounce balls in the kids section at ON. They were great, we bought a bunch and named them. I named mine William. RuthAnn named hers Frederick. Janette and I were eventually asked to be the godparents to Frederick. Alas, now because of child neglect, Janette and I are now filing for adoption for Frederick. We are going to court tomorrow. It's a sad and humorous story.

While we were out we got into this conversation: guys opening car doors for their friends, girlfriends, and wives. I state my view: Basically, its a medieval display of chivalry. I guess that's when this all started. Guys now are forever endowed to the ladies to open doors for them and be polite, and I'm all for it. Don't get me wrong. I believe that it's a sign of respect and it shows the girl that you love, care for, and respect her. However, here comes the problem: Arrogance. Oooh, big, bad and ugly. Well at least I think that's the word. Perhaps it's too strong, but some ladies wait for their husbands to open the door before they will even make a move to do anything. I'm not saying they're arrogant snobs, it only appears this way. Chivalry taken too far, perhaps, but who uses the word chivalrous anymore? My opinion is that a guy should open the door for a girl, and this should be a public sign of love and respect. However, I would want a wife who would say, "Honey, I can get it." and she would say this every once in a while, but still accept my graciousness. Essentially, the guy acts like a gentleman and then they become a loving couple. Through the years of dating and marriage the man should still on special occassions or randomly when he feels like it, go out of his way to open doors and make her feel special. Girls want this desperately. No its not just a medeival custom we are bound to, it's a demonstration of how we want to be treated by the way we treat the ladies, especially our very own. We [as men] know they should feel special and as long as the girl doesn't abuse this beautiful act, all is well and chivalry parades itself majestically. A gentleman opening the car door with the umbrella. His wife getting out...The man in a suit and shoes; The lady in a leather rain coat and boots. Running hand in hand in the rain to the store/restaraunt. This is what distinguishes the boys from the men. Oh, yes.

My family also came into town. Mother brought me chocolate cupcakes. Mmhmm. We viewed the college's Christmas program this evening and then went out to eat for Becky and I's birthdays. And for the lack of time, I cannot mention all my thoughts and the details. Wonderful weekend! I'm sick of the rain. I can't wait till my birthday and Christmas! So much left to do before finals. Pages to read, references to look up, reflection papers to write. I know everything I am going to do. Two minus factors: time and thought.

I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. [my question is] How???

How does a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with my whole heart. Do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. 119


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I've got a smile.

Isaac left his shoes in my room because he got comfortable while editing our movie. Anyhoo, I found them later on and didn't want to walk all the way to the other side of the dorm to return them, so I began shooting his window with air soft bb's hoping the pecking noise would get his attention. it did. here's the great part: he couldn't hear me motioning and since I was waving his shoes, he tried to open his window in the middle, with no luck he tried the bottom glass, he opened it and out fell the air conditioner to the roof patio below, it was hilarious. I laughed for a long time. It was just the comedy of the situation.

So last night for some reason I did not want to go to bed. I stayed up a while and edited the movie, and worked on the whole project. 2AM is pretty late and I suffered the consequences this morning.

I checked out the Christmas is shaping up; we perform starting Friday night. I'm not in it, but I filled in as a Roman soldier. It was "fun".

I am waiting for it to snow. It's cold enough. Let it snow!
Being that I was born in December. I love the cold. Ahh.

-Mr. Sam

I stopped and took pictures of the Cincinnati sunset last night. I loved it. It was beautiful. I stood in amazement at God's work. To think that He just causes this to happen. Beautiful skies always remind me of Him. Just thought I would show you:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bring on the snow!

It's raining. It has been all day. Maybe thats why I'm "melancholic" today. Perhaps it was just our conversation, but RuthAnn asked me if everything was alright. I don't see why...not other than the injustice of the weather. It's raining! It's December. Now I was born in December so I love the snow and cold, but rain? Ach.

Supper was great tonight though. Had a meeting with the IOU group from Main St./Teen Power. The fellowship and hanging out was great. I just had lots of fun. The warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven that were stuck together were delicious! My sister even came by and gave me an awesome back rub, but said my hair smelled weird. I told her I washed it and that it was because of all the rain I walked in today. *raises eyebrows*

So last night I somehow ended up going to bed at 2AM. Somewhere hours earlier Isaac came over and we were messing around, I was putting up Christmas lights and then we suddenly got an idea to film: "Gangsta Clause" It's a short movie of a twisted version of Santa Clause with a nice plot. Nolan got involved too. It's absolutely crazy and hilarious. With all the filming and editing we plan on doing complete with voice-over, sound effects, and bloopers it should be a pretty cool movie.

Here's the cover:

Well I have a list in my head of everything that I must do this week. Every day is full. Crazy! Two more weeks of school and the semester's over, and I get to go home for Christmas!

I just wanted to say how great God is. I am trying to learn how to continually praise Him. Let me try. My reflection papers turned out to be less than I expected and easier. He is giving me the strength to get through everything with school and such. I'm happy because of His joy.

Bring on the snow!

-Mr. Sam