Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm a Polar Bear

Where'd all my bloggers go? WHAT? Is it the SUMMER or something? Oh...yea. It's a sad world people.

I absolutely refuse to drink diet soda. It's got aspartame and phenylketonurics. No thanks. Besides, it tastes nasty.

My favorite shows are Psych, Hogan's Heroes, and the Andy Griffith Show.

I love dogs, I really do. I hate it when they lick my face. Frankly, it's disgusting.

And apart from my allergies. I'm really starting to think summer's not so bad. Of course, I'm a polar bear...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The News

There are some times when reading and watching the news is very rewarding.

For example, President Obama has got me feelin so fly. He reportedly killed a fly on CNBC daytime television that was bothering him. This happened Wednesday. Apparently, news anchors had no problem in dishing out jokes like, "This is the first expose of bugging in Washington." More was cranked out about "The No Fly Zone," "I'd like to be a fly on the wall," and "Obama is now a Ninja." Just google this: video of obama killing fly

More shocking is this: Mom goes on a crusade against junk food. No cupcakes allowed. She's targeting the school cafeteria, but even goes on campaigns against Girl Scout cookies. She is termed as the "New York City Cupcake Mom." She even calls Santa Claus fat. There's something worthwhile to dedicate your life to.

This one made a "Wow!" burst from my lips. On the today show, an 18 year old goes to a tattoo shop and asks for 3 small stars on her face. She "falls asleep" and leaves the parlor with 56! Now she's suing. Yahoo TV's Nikki Boyer has a great question, "How do you fall asleep while getting a tattoo?" This is Belgium by the way folks. No worries for you American teenagers out there. But wait, there's more. The guy doing the tattoo's says she was awake and never complained until her father got mad. You should check out the picture of the tattoo artist.

In other news, Sammy slept about 18 out of 24 hours in the last 24. I have been sick and am trying to sleep it off. I took a double dose of night-time cold/flu meds last night and am still taking my generic Z pac for this infection. Ugh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trip Home

Decided to take the longest ride to church yesterday. Wanted to go to my home church so Mel and I decided to wake up early and go! So after 3 hours and 45 minutes I watched my Mom's mouth open in surprise, then turn up in a smile. It's so fun to come up and surprise family.

Haven't felt well over the weekend, and that's stating it moderately. [Insert list of symptoms here.] Spent a lot of time feeling miserable last night. Went to the doctor today. Came home with two prescriptions and a diagnosis of acute max. sinusitis and gastritis.

Worked 3 days straight @ Christ last week. Trying to rest up now and enjoy my time home.


And stuff...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Glass Table

Rosie likes my "Everything is wet." sentence from my last blog so I decided to include her in this blog. Here we sit at the glass table

Rosie: The glass table of kitchenness!
Sam: So what do you like about the glass table?
Rosie: *laughs* It's not funny! *continues laughing*
Sam: Okay, so glass table aside, what is your favorite part of vacation?
Rosie: The people. Me likey the people. I like the people.
Sam: Why? What people? Why do you like the people?
Rosie: It's a very difficult question Sam. *thinks* Um, They're all different. They're all differently loud and crazy, you know? You know Joey, he does all those loud, "Oh no!" screams. Then he sits there and watches cartoons. We love Joey. So Miriam has all those first born tendencies She all sweet and loud and takes charge. I love vacation.
Sam: So you said everyone is differently loud and crazy? Do you think I'm loud and crazy?
Rosie: I thought that was kind of a given.
Sam: *laughs*
Rosie: Are you enjoying vacation with us? *she looks at Sam with pondering look* I'm just kinda wondering.
Sam: Yea, I am. You guys are very happy. Happy happy.
Rosie: What do you like about vacation though?
Sam: Um...
Rosie: I mean the glass table is pretty sweet.
Sam: Yes, it is. Um....I like the people. I know you already said that. I like the fact that I can relax, which I haven't been able to do for a long time. It's whatever. *Sam struggles with descriptive words* I like how you just jump in the pool at the end of the day, and go exploring at undisclosed locations, and go out to eat, you know....
Davy: Ow! Ow! Ow! *dances in pain*
Sam: That was Davy
Rosie: That was intersting
Sam: No, that was Davy. He just ran by really fast, like a tornado, and hurt himself on the glass table.
Rosie: So surprising! (Notice the sarcasm)
Sam: There's that glass table again.
Rosie: *crosses arms*
Sam: Rosie doesn't like the fact that I type everything she says and does.
Sam: Wow. *laughs*
Rosie: Garr
Sam: So basically the point is...
Rosie: We likey vacation.
Sam: Uh-huh. And we just thought we'd share. We're so nice like that.
Rosie: We are pretty...*shrugs* know, awesome.
Sam: No jealousy. Just happiness. Romans 12:15 please!
Rosie: Be happy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can And Will

Here I sit in Cleveland International Airport - Gate C26 - waiting on our flight to Orlando. Mel is next to me on the floor, curled up, eyes closed. Davy is fidgeting next to me, while the rest of the family is down a couple gates at the coffee shop. The port shows signs of life. Trucks and tugs bustle around. Steam comes from D6 across the lane. A small jet just rolled by. Everything is wet. The sky is gray. If the sun rose today, I don't know when it did. Everything outside is dismal matching the feeling of my body. I struggled to sleep early this morning and maybe somewhere around 230 was able to catch a half hour or hour. I don't know. I kept on waking up. It stormed last night, and has been raining since. My stomach has that nasty, ecky feeling that I feel whenever I am really tired and haven't gotten sleep. It's been years, literally, since I've flown commercially. It's all nostalgic for me. Heh. But I blog, because I can and will. On the contrary to what's happening right now, I am pretty rawr excited about vaca. A week in Florida, c'mon! There's a man sleeping across the walkway, flat on his back, arms across his chest, bag under his head. For those who aren't motivated by coffee and pastries, as in eating and drinking them, because drinking coffee is a great motivator, there seems to be a, "N0-thank-you-It's-too-early-to-smile" mood hovering over this terminal. I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that the clock reads 748EST. I lower my dope purple sunglasses onto my nose and smile contentedly. Ha. Vacation.