Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Air Warm Heart

In life I've found that everything will not always go the way you planned. Last week's culprit proved to be no match for my intentions. Therefore, this week has proven, and will prove to be, much different.

My father planted a sugar maple tree that turns flaming orange each autumn as it falls asleep. I'm so glad he planted that tree.

Was in a bookstore last week and my interest was caught by a book called 501 Must See Movies. We scanned through the entire book, and for fun I decided to count. I have seen only 20 of the 501. That's 4 percent! Found this very amusing.

Carved a pumpkin last night and won a game with my team in volleyball intramurals.

Was reminded tonight of how much I really love spiced apple cider. That and...

Let's ski.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cold, Damp, and Dismal Fades To Cool and Sunny, with Smiles

My current choice of body wash: Old Spice, Swagger.

My mother made these great pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes.

The trees have it together around here, they're actually falling asleep in good color.

Our dog is so cool. I love her.

Oh, I came home for the weekend, yea...

And took a walk last night in the rain. It was cold. You could see your breath.

The eager anticipation of Christmas makes me feel like a kid again.

That cinammony-apple-pumpkin smell in the house. My mom is so cool.

Chapped lips, chapstick. Dry skin, scentless lotion.

And I'm stealing her identity.

My uncle Paul, aunt Eileen, Pap-Pap and Grandma are coming from PA. We're going out to eat.

...But is this the reason why I'm happy?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

These Are The Headlines

Truth be told, I actually don't like politics.

And I find it ironic that I'm tired of everyone talking about how great fall is, yet I myself am enjoying this cold weather, the woodsmoke, and the pumpkin carving I did last night.


"I mean even I myself am having some yuletide doubts. But maybe if we could reunite with the Who's..." said Cindy Lou.
The Grinch cut her off and mocked her,
"But maybe if we could reunite with the Who's...Oh, grow up!" The Grinch growled.

It was cold this morning, and as I walked onto main campus I looked and saw the sky glowing with color. Did I mention it was cold? I wore my jeans, hoodie, scarf, and beanie. And for the first time in a long time, much to my delight, I could see my smokey breath this morning. 9 of us went to the Coffee Emporium. And I just feel lovely now...

Ah, yes, October!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Autumnal Weather

It makes me stick my hands in my pockets
Opting against my gloves
It makes me breathe deeply
And go swishing through the leaves
It makes me pull out another sweater
And tie that happy scarf around my neck
Every so fashionably

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Personal Exposition on Weather

Winter is a curse and
Spring is its resistance
Summer is a blessing and
Autumn is the surrender
To it all

I, in my pleasured morbidity used to ascribe the term "dead and dying" to the winter and autumn seasons. For, if winter was the bitter cold, and no insects and bright flowers abounded, then fall was the death of almost all living things, going out in a blaze of glory. "Everything was dying!" I proudly proclaimed. But in recent light and exposition of the fall season by a close personal friend of mine, I, as a self-admitted realist will hereby make the statement:

Autumn is not when everything is dying. It is simply when, the trees fall asleep.

There. I said it.

But the bugs, what about the bugs?


Friday, October 17, 2008


I overdosed - ingested 880mg of Caffeine in a 14 hour period this morning. In order to complete the large amount of homework and research paper due today, my drug of choice was caffeine. It worked well - enough to get me through. And now 22 hours later I am being told to go to bed. I was sick all morning with an upset stomach, with urges to vomit. It is a sickening feeling when you body is trying to shut down, but your brain will not let it. Rest assured, there are consequences. αποθνησκω!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Happened This Morning As We Stood In Line For Coffee

In light of the recent headline from the Cincinnati Enquirer: "Debate Displays Great Differences," we have hereby postulated this entirely fictitious account of recent comments on the presidential debate.

"Debate Displays Great Similarities Between Candidates." Recent debate reveals candidates are so similar, voters are having trouble distinguishing the difference between them. General public struggles to care. An attitude of apathy and indifference has struck the nation. Many voters are asking, in the great scheme of things does this election really matter? 58% of those polled simply shrugged. They stated that they were leaning towards one particular candidate but didn't really care that much. The remaining percentage of voters said, "Hey look, a squirrel!"

Many Americans today are struggling with realizing the differences between the two candidates. In fact, 39% percent of those polled stated they were very confused by all the little signs in everybody's yards. One man commented that he had placed 75 presidential candidate signs in his front yard simply to aerate the lawn. Hugenmeyer stated, "My lawn has improved greatly since the political party contacted me about advertising their candidate." Other Americans are using the signs for croquet, golf practice, and lawn ornamentation, which happens to look very nice next to the gnomes.

Yes, indeed the election season has brought about much confusion and indifference to many around this nation. As we look forward to the national election we simply are confounded by the astronomical amount of people who are saying, "What the - wait, are we supposed to care?"


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...engender, anecdotal, panacea, gigantesque, a, dour, repudiate, vogue, nuance, laity, buttonholing, abject, list, vociferous, solidarity, apartheid, contentiousness, peremptorily, quantified, sentient, aeon, relativistic, mongoloid, aberrant, et al, of, abate, latrogenic, incapacitated, criterion, autism, words, diathesis, caustic, effervescence, exogenous, endogenous, cyclothymia, dysthymia, eccentric, that, catatonic, mutism, fugue, diametrically, estrangement, I, somatoform, hysterical, atrophy, lability, disinhibition, impair, impressionistic, psychotheraphy, ecclesiology, psychoanalysis, have, cathasis, latent, nouthetic, rapport, gestalt, depreciation, sublimation, looked, libido, psychotropic, lesions, ameloriate, depersonalization, dichotomy, catharsis, concurrent, collaborative, pedantic, cogently, up, phenomenological, id, clerical, facade, tentativeness, when, generativity, neurosis, approximation, engender, anemic, marasmus, menarche, punitive, confabulate, altruism, celibate, doing, inordinate, viable, plethora, some, histrionic, clinicians, amenable, pathological, self-actualization, pubescence, ambivalence, consolidate, ideology, college, cognitive, integration, progesterone, veneral, delimitation, illusory, intrinsically, negate, achetypes, reading, tantamount, unequivocally, peripheral...

Faulty perception
I love
The combination
Of those words
Like a salt and pepper shaker
On a table
Like two dancers
On a floor


And now for the moment you've all been holding your collectively bated breaths for...

And now many of you sit in great satisfaction, shock, surprise, sadness, amusement, amazement, or indifference.

*Laughs to self*

And all the little hairs on the floor lay crying...

Now I must begin thinking of responses to everyone's anticipated ensuing comments.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I can't keep doing this.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When I Think...(And Yes I Do)

John 14:6a "λεγει αυτω Ιησους, Εγω ειμι η οδος και η αληθεια και η ζωη"

I should write poetry about my least favorite meals in the cafeteria. Yea.

When I think of autumn I think of: chili, colby cheese, apple butter, apple cider, scarecrows, jack-o'-lanterns, cinnamon, colored leaves, straw, hayrides, fire, leaves falling from trees, woodsmoke drifting through the air, little brown leaves dancing across the street...

And sometime, yes sometime this fall, I want to carve a watermelon like you would a pumpkin. *chuckles*


Friday, October 10, 2008

Eloquent Randomness

For all of you who were concerned, nay worried about my current state I can truthfully assure you that I am not depressed, and that I am squeaking by with enough sleep. Contrary to the earlier posted seemingly conflicting pictorial evidence, which happens only to be an artistic expression of my habitual early morning activity.

Moving on, I am frustrated with the trees - or rather the lack of cooperative cold weather which causes the trees to fall asleep in a blaze of colorful glory, unlike humans.
Homecoming is this weekend which means almost nil to me right now. I have helped with the Main St. booth a bunch and have had much fun graffitiing. I also look forward to the Ministerial Division shirts that will be coming out.

Homework is pretty steepy for me right now; I feel a figurative pile of time-consuming work sits in front of me, taunting menacingly. A silent stare down - no silliness, and no sticking out of tongue. My brain spins as I try to embrace the complex infrastructure of the Greek language. As Osprey has so intelligently put it: It's like you are making your way through a cave in thick fog.

Bring on the apple cider and the carved watermelons. And let's go scare a scarecrow!

Fall Fell

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I can't believe I do this to myself.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I John 4:8
ο μη αγαπων, ουκ εγνω τον θεον, οτι ο θεος αγαπη εστιν.
The one who does not love, does not know God, because God is love.

τα αγαθα εν ζωη
The good things in life.

ειμι Σαμ
I am Sam

Monday, October 6, 2008

Natural Selection

I was standing in line listening to a guy in front of us talk. He was talking to his friend about how there has been a recent rise of people getting hit by cars in New York because they are distracted by their ipods. He succinctly declared that this was Darwinism at its best. I resorted to self-repressed riotous laughter.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's Not Gonna Work?

It's getting cold. We had a short bout of rain yesterday, and it was windy. It made things really feel like fall. The leaves aren't changing yet, but Mom said they are up north. Sleep. Sleep.

Scott's here. I was on my way out to work in Hyde Park and stopped him and said "Hi".

I have not been getting enough sleep. I was up til 330 in the Schmul library doing research work Wednesday. I talked for 5 minutes and 43 seconds to Shane on the phone who happened to be sitting directly across from me. That's the craziness we enjoy.

In gooder news I slept a full night last night. Abandoned the crew for coffee this morning but enjoyed every minute with Carlisa. It's amazing what sleep will do for you - emotionally, spiritually, physically.

I ponder whether or not to do my Psychology research paper on stress or color psychology. Anyway.

I worked today, and Adriana's still in the shop. The weekend is promising. Greek vocab homework and stuff tonight.

Now who would like a cookie?