Thursday, July 30, 2009

Contrary To Popular Opinion

I do not go out with my girlfriend and blog together with free wi-fi. We have it here at the apartments. And no wireless internet is ever free. And please note that we did not blog on the same day. No, I'm not defensive.

I don't know what is up with my patients at work. A non-psychotic dialysis patient told me I smelled good this week when I came to transport her. My job occasionally makes me smile and laugh.

As far as movie classics go, I've never seen one. One of those manly movies that a guy is supposed to watch before he dies I suppose. Saving Private Ryan. So I watched it yesterday, sitting on the couch, right after I made Tuna Fettucine Alfredo. And I had another salad crave. Zesty Italian dressing please. It was a sit-around-and-watch-things-all-day kind of day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The World Would Be Different If We Could Read Each Other's Thought Clouds

I. ask. my. kindred. friend. to. give. me. a. quote...
"Yes. You may quote a quote."
Then she snorted.
"I love my pumpkin nutmeg candle."
"Also I'm gonna name my next dog Karma. Good Karma! Bad Karma! Staaaaay. Stay."
"Are you really gonna publish this?"
"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."
"You know once you pop, you just can't stop."
"Hey, look, a squirrel!"
Then she sipped her water bottle and returned to typing.
It's a love affair with lappy.
And. my. girlfriend. is. hanging. over. me. impatiently. wanting. me. to. go. get. icecream. with. her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Headache Won't Go Away

*sits chuckling to self about how much legal fun he's had*

For the 4th time in my life I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky. New to this was my bro Jonathan. Welcome to the club. Mel and Rosie went too. Much happiness was had by all. You know...falling several hundred feet at 93 mph (Millenium Force), or dropping at a 95 degree angle (Maverick), or shooting down a track at 120+ mph (Top Thrill Dragster), or sniffing the air while flying through it (Raptor). One thing new was that we learned how to play games in line to pass the time. As far as everything else, well...we just won't say.

For the 1st time in my life I went tubing today. You know, tow a tube at 10-25 mph behind a boat on the lake and hold on for dear life. Or whoop, and yell, and laugh as I did. The greatest thing is being spun at the edge of a curve. You're flyin. Or there's also being bounced over waves, and getting water sprayed in your face, but mainly you just hope your arms won't get too tired, or that the waves will be relatively small. *laughs* Here's the downer. Josh and I hit a wave and my head hit his shoulder bone. Ouch.

I had so much fun I'm sad I don't have pictures to prove it. But then again, why would I produce any? Just think...I'm off to Roxbury next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where's My Hug?

I was looking back at my archives and saw that I could approximate how busy and stressed I was based on the number of times I blogged in the month. For example, I usually range in between 11-16 and during my crazy semester this spring it averaged 2-6 a month. Then I had a realization. Then I realized my realization. I like to say that I'm busy. People ask me how I'm doing, or how my life is, and inevitably, if I don't say that I'm doing good, then I tell them that I'm busy. I don't know why yet. An empty day on my calendar is a wasted day to me. Like, I feel I always have to be doing something. I've picked up a fast pace and I feel like I can't part with it. And I don't think that's good.

More fascinatingly is this:

"A number of academic studies have found that hugging, hand holding, and other forms of TLC ease anxiety by calming areas of the brain that register alarm and can even lower blood pressure too." -Source unknown (tacked to a bulletin board in the hospital's cancer center)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

Because my hours are scarce Central Transport at work offered to let me work down in the Cancer Center for a couple of days. Today and tomorrow. Odd and ends stuff, but it was so slow today. I took dirty linens from exam rooms to Bio and ran an errand with the HUC, but not much. Everyone down there is really nice. I learned what Dosimetry is. And they have Medical and Radiation Oncology. I sat in the Mold Room a lot and listened to the Research Freezer hum and a couple of Physicists talk about a new Nucletron from Holland.

I also found that the little spider who has been living on my driver's side car mirror was back. Unfortunately, Buck overstepped his bounds and explored my windshield. So I pressed the little button and turned on my windshied wipers. Next, I got back to my apartment and was taking off my socks and found another spider on the hardwood floor. Those nickle-sized quick runners. I murdered him viciously too. However, I think it's a sign. Ah, a movie title! Revenge of the...nevermind.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I called my Mom, but she wouldn't answer. I have a dozen in my fridge, but cooking my eggs easy over is just getting a little old. But how in world do you hard boil an egg? I mean, I know you put eggs in a pan and put water over them and boil them, but for how long, and what about water temperature and...? With Mom deserting my desperate cry, well not really, but please answer your phone the next time I have a life and death crisis, I set out to do what any 21st century college male adult would do...I googled it. "how do you hard boil an egg" I clicked on what looked to be most helpful. A Wikihow video website. The things you do, when you're alone, and hungry. Oh, and I prefer mine as a finger food with salt and pepper.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Operation

Performed Operation Adrianna's Rescue today. Blogging from her now. It's been a while. 

It's amazing how this summer has given me an adultish outlook. Adultish. It looks like adultery or amish. Anyway, I just thought it looked weird. I just got back from grocery shopping and I went over to Katrina's apartment and Rochelle came over to, then we got Chinese. Regardless, grocery shopping, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, going to work...makes me feel much older. Of course, then there's the junior in college this fall statement. I'd prefer not to get started on that one. 

More to come...