Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Feel Fine, Okay, Happy, Perfect, Great, Good, Alright...

New York Times articles: I will eventually find one that interests me. Here's a couple:

Statisticians at the University of Vermont are saying that song lyrics and blogs are adding to a new group of psychology. They state that song lyrics and blog posts are not reactive as surveys and polls are when stating one's emotional levels. These researchers feel that by using today's technology they can get results that are volunteered by people rather than getting a forced or canned answer to questions. "They’re not being surveyed in the usual way. You mess with people when you ask them questions about happiness. You’re not sure if they’re trying to make you happy, or have no idea whether they’re happy. It’s reactive.”

These researchers downloaded 232,000+ songs from 20,000+ artists. They also found 9 million sentences in blogs from 2005-2009 that included the verb form "I feel..."They even analyzed all the State of the Union speeches to find the emotional level of our country. Some findings were pretty much expected with September 11, 2001 at the low point. However, when Barack Obama was elected Americans used the word "proud" predominantly. They're even doing this in Europe, statistically finding out how the economy affects people. Danes in Denmark statistically rated the highest emotionally.

"Christmas and Valentine’s Day regularly popped as positive times, although words like “guilty” were associated with Christmas and “waste” and “lonely” with Valentine’s Day.
The researchers also analyzed the emotional content of blogs by the age of the blogger, and they found a curious pattern. Teenagers, true to form, rated the lowest, with an abundance of “sick,” “hate” and “stupid.”" So how do you feel?

I also read an interesting article about this great neglect of feet and all things foot. People are just plain embarrassed by their feet. I mean, we'll take the time to shower, shave and apply lotion, but most of us ignore our feet. Those who do pay any attention just paint their toes different colors.

"Dr. Nicholas Romansky, a podiatrist with two offices near Philadelphia, Pa., said he had patients so ashamed of their feet that they didn’t allow their spouse or fiancĂ© to see them. “They have sex with socks on,” he said. “Some people think their feet are ugly. You see nice hands, but feet take a beating.” That’s in part because of neglect. “People don’t think about their feet until they fail them,” Dr. Romansky said, adding that many of his patients think soapy water is all that’s needed to clean the feet and don’t bother to rub with a washcloth.“We need to be proactive,” he said. “Most Americans are always in a rush or too fat to bend over.”"

I suppose it's just that feet simply smell, and get dirty more easily. Of all the body parts, they do all the work, taking the beating and rarely get any care. Suppose when it comes down to it that we just don't like the idea of messing around with our feet. Not to mention I have this friend that has podiaphobia.


With today's technology, I can easily find out where random phrases come from. Have you ever been to someone's house in the country that lived in the boondocks? Where in the world does that come from I wondered. Come to find out...

When American GIs returned from Asia at the close of World War II, besides Victory they brought home a new word to add to the lexicon -- "boondocks". It is derived from bundok the Philippine word for mountain and decribes a place that is remote and inaccessible.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lining Is Silver

My days have been filled with work. Saturday I worked 13 hours. 7-330, home for a nap, and 5-10 in the ER. 5 hours Monday and 8 hours yesterday and today. This morning I got up at 445. What a day. But I took a nice nap this afternoon. I've made myself a sandwich, folded laundry and put it away, listened to music, watched a few shows, and ate a full rack of Oreos.

I'm bored. Working several days and spending them without my girlfriend.

Good thing my friend Carrie and her guy are coming over tomorrow. Mel's coming back and we all are going to CE and I'm making dinner.

Isn't it nice to know
That the lining is silver
Isn't it nice to know
That we're golden

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Have A Plan

I can count on my fingers the amount of suspense/horror movies I've seen in my lifetime. Problem is, horror movies are so impacting that you just remember them for a long time. Throw in my creative and imaginative mind and you can just arrest my attention. But I have a plan to rid the world of horror movies and suspenseful, scary scenes in movies. Frankly, if the characters in horror movies followed these rules, there would be no basic plot to the movie. Please don't be's simple.

1. Always, and I repeat, always call for backup. Police. Friends. Whoever.
2. Do not under any circumstances open the door. Especially when they knock and ring and don't respond to, "Who is it?"
3. Don't answer the phone. No, really, don't! It's probably some breathy, raspy, creepy voice on the other end. Or possibly dead air.
4. Never investigate any lights, noises, or movement. Don't ask why.
5. Never be curious! Ever! Curiosity kills. Cats too.
6. Do not even think about going inside the house. It's a death wish.
7. Never investigate the scary unknown. Be apathetic and content to just shrug it off.
8. Never split the group up for any reason. This may work in action adventure if you have a cunning plan, but not in the horror genre.
9. Do not make impulsive decisions. Think rationally. Slow down and let your brain work, not your emotions.
10. Stay away from any weird, creepy animals or people.
11. Avoid dark, isolated places. Move someplace sunny. When was the last place the set of a horror movie was sunny with lots of people?
12. Never go anyplace without a GPS, you inevitably will turn the wrong way.

(Add more as comments)

Beware: Topic Change

So I'm thrilled about my brother Jon coming to my college this fall. I was kind of having pleasant thoughts about it earlier in the summer when I found out, but now I'm really pumped about it. He and I are going to be rooming together, so after two years of college and last years fantabulous roommate, I have my brother as a college roommate. It'll be dope showing him the ropes. And as normal, it won't be a problem dealing with him. Right Jon? Right!?? I'm just kidding. But no, the more I think of it the more I see, "Jon, pick up your socks!" "Hey Jon, there's milk in the fridge and you're welcome to it anytime, but you're buying next week." Not to mention, when we want it to be, it can be our castle, our home, our world.

I anticipate good things.