Thursday, August 28, 2008

Revival and Rockets

"Though the Lord is on high, he looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar." Psalm 138:6 NIV

I'm not exactly sure what to say...but I know that it has been a great week. I have felt God's presence and have drawn closer to him these past few days. They call it revival and I suppose that's been a fitting term for what has happened here on campus. God is cleansing and renewing hearts. He is accepting the sacrifice of self. He is pouring out his love, mercy and grace on those who seek Him. He is getting closer to those who are getting closer to Him. My confession is that I have not guarded my lips, nor shown God's love to others, nor kept myself unpolluted from the world. However, I've given God all of me. And really, that's all He wants. I'm committed to purity. I'm committed to Christ. I'm committed to self-insufficiency - a total dependence on God. I was struck tonight by this verse in Psalm 138. That even though God is high, majestic and Lord of the universe, he pays attention to the humble...but, the proud he knows from a distance. It was an interesting discovery and one that I know well: pride will distance us from our heavenly Father. My heart's whisper is: I just want to know God more.

The first week of classes has begun and the fuel to the rocket engines has been engaged. As the semester begins, combustion kicks in and the smoke begins to billow. Soon...we will have lift off. I have gone running and plan to go in the morning as well. I've also lifted weights to keep up with my brothers at home. *chuckles* The syllabi have been passed out. The reading of books has begun. Here we go.

And I'm going home for the weekend.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


seems inevitable. However, whichever metaphor of life we want to use we still cannot escape it. We are in an odd relationship with change. It affects us so deeply, but we also have control over change as we alter circumstances by our actions and decisions. Of course what makes it so suffocating is that there are things that will never be the same. Change has affected us so deeply in ways that can never be resurrected.

The passing of time has brought about much change here: new people, new faces, old faces with different jobs, new roommates, new dormmates. And perhaps it is the hourglass of time that is to be blamed here, but we are bound by time and change. We cannot escape.

But before you mourn let me declare hope. Within this cage of time and change lies choice. It is the key that unlocks the prison and the hands that sculpt the clay. It does not provide a gung-ho attitude, but rather an approach to life that says I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. And from this foundation we lay a framework of determination, hard work, enthusiasm, goals, dreams, perseverance and wisdom.

Semester Goals

1. Continue to affect the culture of my college in a positive way.
2. Grow and mature spiritually in my relationship with God
3. Obtain a job and work steadily
4. Study diligent to excel academically
5. Learn to balance sociality and academia
6. Discipline myself to do what I must
7. Affect those I encounter with the passion I have for Christ

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey, I'm here.

And I sit contemplating what to tell you...I have uh, made it safely back to Cinci after a lengthy but speedy summer break. I thank God that I am here once again. This year promises to be difficult with some hard classes this semester, but what, do I shrug it off and say that I can handle it? No. My God promises that his grace is sufficient for me. I trust in Him.

As I ramble on I must say that this is the first time that I have had a good, steady connection for internet in my room. So never fear, that lack of posts shall soon be relieved. So there's hope for the future my friend!


In other news I am staying in the same room - 218 - with a single roommate, Brent. It is working out very well as we are both easygoing, courteous and enjoy some of the same things. Was able to successfully move in Tuesday and by Wednesday had finished arranging the room. We have a very nice set up. I am happy and feel very blessed about the arrangement both of the room and the roommate.

I've been down the river to walk across the bridge. I've helped my sister move some stuff. I've purchased textbooks. I've gone downtown to the coffee shop. I've played beach volleyball at riverfront. I've worked for the school. I have talked to friends and have enjoyed being with so many college mates again.

Yes, I'm here and soon things shall start going too many miles per hour.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well I went to North Carolina. I thought I would post pictures from our family vacation. Due to the amount of pictures I uploaded I won't ramble on about how relaxing it was or how much I really enjoyed it, although these facts are indeed true. As far as explanations go we acquired a cabin near Mt. Jefferson in Northwestern NC. It was about a mile up in the mountain with a pretty view and hiking trails all around the mountain. We spent our time relaxing at the cabin which included watching movies, cooking out, grilling, roasting smores, reading, sleeping in and swinging on porch swings. We also hiked trails on the mountain and went up to a lookout view. On the way back home we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed the fantastic view. Well, here you go. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Like a Little Kid

I'm not sure why we even call it Vacation Bible School!? Although that's okay, I usually wonder about such strange things. Canine feces, human urine and perspiration: that's what entered my olfactory factory last night as I worked on bus 1. I don't necessarily enjoy that, no. 50, 60, 70 kids. It's quite a job working with several others in maintaining order and limiting chaos. However, I love working in God's service.

Terrance tells me about his gold tooth and how he ate a bean burrito for supper, (which I found randomly hilarious). Jaire wants me to tell more jokes. Tyler tells me where his Grandma's house is. "How many more stops do we have?" "Is Jon your brother?" "Are you Bob the Builder?" "He won't leave me alone!" "Jack, sit down!" "Brandon, leave him alone." "Honey, turn around and sit down." "Get out of the window." And then despite the fact that I am "mean and calm" as one girl put it, I try to remember to smile.

I recall Jesus once said something like: Let the kids come to me, and don't stop them from coming. For the kingdom of God is made up of kids like this...If you want to enter Heaven, you must be like a little kid: with simple faith, and an eager, desperate and hungry heart.

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Insert Clever Title Here"

In reference to my Well, Okay, So... post I have decided to post pictures proving that I do sew.

I also have found quite an unusual enjoyment in reading my Psychology textbook. You can call me crazy, but I enjoy learning. And Psychology really is, really.

And it's still a mystery to me. Here's the symbol: Love You

Interesting, huh?

-Sewing Psychology Sleuth Sam