Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Rant:

Why are we content in our own little world? Selfish. Oh yes, selfish my friend. To have this gospel and not be sharing it. To be content with what life gives us. To be satisfied with the way we were raised. To squash our dreams with the status quo around us. Where are the trend-setting, non-conformist, revolutionary dreamers? Why are we not catching a fire and letting it burn within? Oh, I am so tired with the culture I inhabit. I despise the fact that people are not doing it the way it's never been done before. Just too eager to be nominal! I've never read of nominality in Scripture. We weren't created for the average. We are not vanilla ice cream people! Oh, but that's fine, that's exactly where Satan wants us. He's smiling you know.


Friday, March 28, 2008


I struggle with connections. Cognitive dissonance is what he called it. Where the rubber meets the road in life. Being a doer of the Word and not just a hearer only. The connection between belief and action. I've memorized this drama by heart. I know every line, every voice inflection, every cue. I know the director, the stage, the props, even the musical score, but it seems sometimes that I'm just acting. Simply knowing the part, repeating it to myself, but not believing in what the drama is all about. Familiarity and intelligence have numbed me, and I have so much regret to forget. Acting to try to be who I am.

It's 3:00 in the morning and I have just finished Paper #2.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

An All-Nighter with Coffee

Well its 1:34 AM. Here I am again. Blogging for the love of it.

I must share a confession with you...I love coffee. Walked out of my room earlier tonight and the hallway was filled with the scent of coffee. Oh, I loved it. I knew where it was coming from too. Isaac's room: clear on the other side of the dorm. Ahhh. I made my way over there a few minutes later, walked in the room, and pronounced, "Yoooou haaaave coffeee!" He smiled at me. In exchange for a cup of coffee I agreed to share the answers to the New Testament Test Review with him, at least the ones he had not already started on. That test should be easy tomorrow. I also have Principles of the Christian Life 2 test, a bit more difficult.

Went to the bathroom a second ago. Looked outside the's raining. It was supposed to. How poetic for this long night.

Three and I went to the river this afternoon - that park next to the bridge. It was so beautiful out today. I'm glad I happened to 'be there at the right time' and was graciously invited to go along. It was really good to get out and enjoy the weather this afternoon since I have been cooped up doing all this pre-test homework. Found a beautiful spot between the parking lot and the river. The spot has stone bridge remains with pines and needle beds.

Easter weekend was so different for me this year. For one, I spent it away from home, with friends, at a different church. Went with a group of friends to Missie's house in the heart of Kentucky. We went horse back riding and I enjoyed breaking a blue eyed white horse into a gallop. We also enjoyed a fine tradition of sleeping till a fairly late hour in the morning. I regret not accomplishing as much homework as I wanted to. Okay, maybe I don't regret it. I had much fun. We took a walk at 2 in the morning down the road with the full moon in the sky. We also took an afternoon walk and had the dogs lag along with us. I had fun leap-frogging over people, even in surprise. I appreciated being in the country so much. Just being able to walk down the road, no cars, just comfortable clothes, slight wind, and perfect sun, talking and laughing. Her mom fed us in that familiar country family way in which felt I like royalty compared to cafeteria service. So delicious! Her sisters accent made me laugh. Come to find out her parents knew my family. Her father knew my elementary school teacher and has met and knows many relatives on my mom's side of the family. Too small of a world. Also found out her mom's girlfriend was "awestruck" by my father in college, during her single days. That just makes me laugh. Such a good weekend! We played Scum and watched movies too, had pillow fights, ate jellybeans, and just enjoyed each others company. I regret the blockbuster entertainment. This world's values and humor system are perverted and sickening. I cannot see Jesus enjoying that, and I did not. However, I should have been stronger in my convictions on intake of entertainment that clashes my views. Was also disappointed about not being able to traditionally watch The Passion

Am filled after fatherly correction with a renewed sense of purpose. Consistency. "Oh inconsistent me. Crying out for consistency."

Back to work.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Many Thoughts In My Head

So little time to share them. So many dreams I have, so little people who will dream with me.

She pegged it. Here I am...late, blogging once again. I just wanted to take the time to do so, although I really have a large load of homework to do before tests on Thursday. I have two Thursday, and an English Paper due Friday.

I gave blood for the first time yesterday which was an interesting experience. Wasn't too fond of the soreness the needle left in my arm, or the weakness it left me with, but I got food, a flower, and a sticker. Made me think of how much blood Jesus lost when He was crucified, and how weak he must have been. My pastor has said something to the effect of, "I never really can get discouraged or complain because everything pales in comparison to Calvary." That is so true.

Was sitting last night at my desk, staring out the window at the waning full moon, just enjoying the beauty of it. I am so glad that spring is finally here. I was able to drive with my window rolled down today and the music up loud. I love it. What a blessing to be in a new season. Before I know it, it will be warm and sunny all the time and soon the semester will be over. I feel very...I don't know. I can't put a word on it, or describe it. It's an odd feeling thinking back over my freshman year of college. Soon it will be spring break, then IHC, VIP day, and before it even sinks into my mind, the school year will be over. To think that it will soon be coming to an end, and as perception goes toward the end of all things, will be flying fast.

Time. It came. It went. What did I do?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Persecution, D-group, Easter Eggs & Passion

Excerpt from my notes in New Testament:
Sometimes I wonder how many of us would stick it out if we faced opposition. I know the wind and rain cause plants and trees to grow, and fire grows with the blowing wind. But what about us? What about me? (Some introspection here). We must have a God-focus. I wonder which among us would ultimately fall away, lag behind, quit, or give up. There are untold stories of the early church Christians that I think about. Okay, so eschatology does fascinate me, but come on! Christian persecution and opposition should stir us to greater things, turn the focus off ourselves and increase our trust in God.

So after two full days the rain has stopped. It turned into this thick wet snow which melted upon contact with the ground. All things must come to an end I suppose. D-group was very fun. Devotional was inspiring, food was awesome, and easter egg hunt was fun. Salami with cheese and crackers, sugar ball, (cream cheese, powdered sugar, crushed pineapple, sprinkles) cheesecurls, and mini candy bars! Mhmm!! I decided the best thing to do was to join the fun in the egg hunt. I really was scarred as a child...I never found as many eggs as everyone else. I just never understood why people should run like maniacs around the yard or house in search of eggs. Here were my rewards:

But I had fun tonight. I learned I should do my best, no matter what. Give the time I have right now to give the best of my energy all to the glory of God.

Lots of homework.
Big day tomorrow.
Fun weekend in store.

Passion. He had it. Do you?


Monday, March 17, 2008


So lab was actually fun tonight, and I managed not to be affected by the sodium hydroxide (NaOH) which accidentally spilled on my hand. The label stated it is a severe tissue irritant. However, I have not experienced any results....yet! Ah, yes, test tubes, beakers, bunsen burners, things burning and turning colors, drops of iodine, alcohol, phenolphthalein solution: this is what Science lab is all about. Results! The fun stuff. I'm a results kinda guy.

I have a large list of homework in my black book which must be finished by tomorrow, to which I must quickly attend to. Today's chapel skit went well. It was truly a pleasure eating doughnuts in chapel dressed casually. I was very pleased how it went off. I am hoping (if it does its job right) that the drama will cause people to actually do something about the world around them.

You should've seen Brent pouring the leftover solutions from the test tubes into the disposal beaker. We wanted something to blow up!

Happy St. Patricks Day!
In honor of my Irish ancestry:
Excerpt from Veggie Tales Story of St. Patrick

Narrator: "They even worshipped pond scum."
Irish people: "Oh great pond scum!"
Then St. Patrick begins to speak,
St. Patrick: "God is like a shamrock."
Irish people: "Ooooooh, great shamrock!"
St. Patrick "No. No. No! God is like a shamrock. Three in one."

Maewensockit has a rather nice ring to it.

-Mr. Sam

Friday, March 14, 2008


Went downtown tonight. Something I haven't really done - just for the sake of doing so, since I've been here in Cincinnati. Enjoyed it. Drove around a bit, parked and went into the Carew building, walked around the square and then up 4th St. to Starbucks. We hung out there for a while getting drinks, and looking at pictures and movies. Must say I really enjoy the aesthetics of downtown, I am like a kid at the zoo when I go down there. Looking up and seeing the moon waxing half full between skyscrapers was awesome. The temperature perfect - that cold hoodie spring weather. I am so glad that season is fast approaching us. I looked out the window today and saw two robins playing around. One of them will no doubt be sitting on twigs and pieces of grass and straw in a tree sometime soon. Cannot believe it's already soon time to register for FA08 classes. This semester's already half way gone.

The last week still seems like a blur. Promised myself I would explain my deep tiredness. To explain, I will tell you that Isaac and I have been working on a Seniors tribute video production for the last few weeks. It was an 11 min. video with text, pictures, video and sound - very professional looking. I really enjoyed doing it, but in retrospect have disgustingly regretted acquiescing to do a project that late. It came down to actually burning the DVD while I was dressing for the banquet. We really were rushed for time and I promised myself I would never agree to do something that large so late in advance. Live and learn I suppose. We (I & S Productions) have premiered two movies in the past two months and have gotten excellent reviews. We're really very happy. To be doing things that we love to do, getting our name out, so that we can do more projects in the future. Kind of develop a good name so that our good name can develop our dreams.

I shall not bore you with all the editing details. Know this, a lot goes into it: Audio, visual, synching, importing, exporting, color correction, editing, text, pictures, music, and re-doing, and re-trying many things that would not cooperate with us. It was very stressful, but may all the glory go to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was our strength when we were tired.

NOTE: Bloopers are tentatively being shown in chapel, Monday March 24, 2008. Do not miss this!

Going to late night to have lots of fun....all I can do is smile and leave.

-your happy chum,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Losing Consciousness

These last few days have been a blur to me. I hardly remember much of anything thats happened to me. So if you anticipate anything bad happening to you, just don't sleep for a few days and you'll hardly remember anything that's happened. It's a great technique I believe, the problem is knowing when something bad will happen. Lack of sleep has its consequences. I don't have any classes tomorrow so I took a long nap today. I do mean long. Went to bed at 2:18 and got up at 6:38, went back to bed at 7:00 and slept until 10:00 - an 8½ hour nap. I conked out. I've only gotten 16 hours of sleep I get in 4 days. That's half the normal amount. Before I took my nap I wrote this:

I think I'll go to bed
Lose consciousness and then
Wake up and start this day again

Now I have been up since then and doing various things in my room. I thank God that there are no classes tomorrow.

-your worn out blogger,

Monday, March 10, 2008


I used to think. Now I....well, my mind has been stretched and stretched. Wrestling with sheets of thought pulled and twisted this way and that. I was thinking just now (dangerous, I know) and I thought of it. Here is what it was: I have always struggled with who I am. Self-identity and all that junk. *shrugs* Sure, it's a common thing, right...Right? *smiles* I know that God wants me to be a youth pastor, and that is who I am becoming but also God has created me with many other talents for which I am very grateful. I say that with humility, but my point is that I have always struggled with my love of the arts, writing, drawing, painting, designing, videography, photography, music and the such. How can I ever fill the image of "youth pastor" if I had a deep love of all these other things. Would people really see me as a capable youth minister? I realize I shouldn't care what people think in this situation. Heres what I became aware of: I am who I am. God has made me with passions for all of these things. The point is that I glorify Him through them all. Granted, socially and professionally I cannot fill all these positions, but God knows my thoughts before I even think them. He will actually lead me as I trust Him and I've already seen some of my dreams re-birthed. Thank you God.

"I seldom went to bed before two or three o'clock in the morning, on the theory that if anything of interest were to happen to a young man it would almost certainly happen late at night." -E.B. White

So here we are in the early hours of Monday morning, working through the night on the video project. I must say when someone asked me last night how many hours we had put into it, I cannot honestly say. It would take me a couple minutes to actually count it. What we do promise is a professional looking video. It's been a long road full of many difficulties, but God has helped us. I'll be so glad when this project is over.

Back to work.