Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That's it. I'm done for. All my cousins. 4 namely, have had, are having babies, my sister makes 5. I feel incredibly adultish. Yes, adultish.

An excerpt from Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

"On the contrary. It's Gussie's favorite dish..."
"Indeed, sir? That is very gratifying."
"Gratifying is the word. What a lesson this teaches us, Jeeves - never to despair, never to throw in the towel and turn our face to the wall, for there is always hope."
"Yes, sir. Would you be requiring anything further?"
"Not a thing, thanks. My cup runneth over."
"Then I will be saying good night, sir."
"Good night, Jeeves."

I *gasp* clapped my hands in excitement today. In fact I might be so bold as to say that I jumped up and gravity brought me back down. This process was repeated twice or thrice. The reason? The future.

Monday, May 25, 2009

To Enjoy

Here I sit with brown t-shirt and green pants inwardly laughing at all those people who planned memorial day picnics today. It's raining. I planned nothing, but...

To cook my breakfast - 6 eggs and juice.
To read my books. Holy Bible, Living Water, Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves.
To officially enjoy this wet day.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

College Kid Finds New Home In Summer Apartment

I can read the shocking headlines now. Sorry -No links to tabloid photos will be posted here.

I find it funny how I sit here now with everything changed.

I just moved into my apartment today with the help of my family. (Woo-hoo!) Thank you Mom, Jon & Josh! I'm sorry that I am not posting any pictures. Well, no...I'm not sorry, but anyway...you'll get over it soon.

How about now?

So out of the dorm and into the apartment for several months this summer. I'm working at Christ Hospital, and will somehow manage to do all prioritized things in between. Like vacations, youth camp, and lots of reading. My current book is Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves by Wodehouse.

It's such a blessing to have a place, especially now that the stress is gone, or severely lowered. And now I'm going to go finish dinner. (Like you cared)



Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm turning all nocturnal. My pupils are staying dilating and my visions is getting better. My hearing is improving. My skin is turning pale. Pretty soon I'll gain my wings. Actually, I'm quite scared. This really can't be good. I proposed to take a nap @ 2:30 yesterday afternoon and woke up @ 10:30 - 8 hours later. Accidental, of course. Now it's 2:30 AM and I'm raring to go.

Ryan, stop laughing at me!

In the home stretch of finals. Currently taking a break from working on stuff that has to be completed by tomorrow. I, uh...wonder how I'm going to get it all done. Grace + perseverance?

I work tomorrow. Ha. I wonder if I should sleep beforehand?

In a recent passing conversation with the campus pastor of my college I was impressed by wisdom. He said, "Sometimes you need to know when to preach a sermon and when to serve doughnuts." This morning, doughnuts were served. You see, wearing jeans to class and serving doughnuts for chapel is perhaps the best thing you can do for a stressed out, finals-approaching college student. Meredith commented later on combining doughnuts into the sermon, which I think is novel. The fact is, psychology must be integrated into Christianity. For all you nouthetic counselors out there, sometimes a sermon or Scripture verse is the last thing a person needs.

My plans for the weekend include going home, and going to a friend's wedding, all the while trying to finish my finals. I've gotten to the point where all my friends getting married doesn't scare me anymore. Is this maturity or have I gone mad? I'm a realist. I'm accepting reality. I'd impress you with a list of things I must do for finals, but I have neither the time nor the patience to do that. The fact that I'm turning nocturnal should clue you in on how crazy my life has been, and will yet be!

Ryan, wake up!-Sammy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Farewell to the Beloved

iF you don't see me this week it's because I have died.

Well, apart from the mellowdramaticism, I'm fine. But I'll be doing nothing but homework and work. Perhaps, the two greatest combinations known to man! Okay, I couldn't help but add the sarcasm.

I'm glad that My Father has strength for me and can hold my hand. I'm glad that He counsels me. I'm so happy that at his right hand there are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16)

So farewell to all that is good. Sleep. Friends. Perhaps food. (Okay, so I enjoy being dramatic)

*in fast, high-pitched, eager, dramatic voice* Would you like to see my list of things to do before it's over? *in low, deep, monotone voice* Uhhhhh, nevermind

Can I frown? (Psalm 34:1)