Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas and a Couple of Pet Peeves

Christmas was amazing. I got out of the hospital, my family drifted in and finally all eight of us were home. Briana was adorable and it was wonderful to have her home, but when I got woken up by her crying several mornings I just decided in my mind that I was never having any kids. In fact, spending the holidays around so many kids has just been great birth control for me.

Irregardless, I had a wonderful time opening gifts and eating big meals with families. I also refuse to list here everything that I got for Christmas; it's rather pointless. And no I didn't receive underwear, just books and clothes and stuff.

It started snowing last night and I'm so glad! We are getting accumulation and everything is white outside. I love it. It's good payback too, because I was feeling gipped. It's still snowing right now, so that's dope.

Despite the happiness, I still manage to have a lot of stomach pain and stuff. I also caught something last night and felt very nauseated this morning. I vomited mucus and air and it was very painful. I've been trying to sleep it off. I just feel horrible.

I started reading The Church of Facebook recently in a bookstore out of curiosity. I'm afraid it's much too unhelpful but I haven't finished it yet. Basically it talks about how the social networking website changes the way we are connected to each other as people. I don't know about you, but I find myself checking my Facebook account like I check my e-mail, or even when I'm bored, and I hate that. Frankly, there is so much personal communication that we use Facebook to substitute for and I doubt it's very healthy. Sometimes I just feel so impersonal and it's disappointing and sickening me.

Furthermore, a couple of things just bug me about reading books. Firstly, I hate it when the table of contents is very vague. I've seen Tables of Content that are just a bunch of nouns ending in -tion. It drives me crazy. I've started to actually pay attention to the TOC because it usually helps to get an outline, overview of the book whether you are reading it or to see if you want to read it. Somebody needs to tell these authors! Bah. So unhelpful. Secondly, I hate-hate-hate those little quotes from the book inserted into the text. I don't know what to call them. Sneak peeks or previews? Or book quotes? Frankly, I think it's unintelligent to add these. First they distract me from reading the text, and secondly they don't really add anything to the book. If I think it's important I'll underline or highlight it. I don't need you to insert a quote that you think is important or interesting. Sometimes the sneak quotes or just plain dumb, like you just read it and then it quotes it again in the text. I just don't read them because they are taken directly from the book anyway and I'm already reading the book! Can I just read the book?

So yea...

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Body Feels Weird But My Heart Is Happy

So I sit on here on the beloved couch with my head feeling kinda weird. Maybe it's the long road trip, or the amount of reading I've done, or the Percocet I took today. The absolute most wonderful news is that I'm home, and there's no feeling like it, and for the first time in my life the words of that great Christmas song, "I'll be home for Christmas" ring true for me. I'm home from the hospital. I was released a little early actually - yesterday. Spent Wednesday feeling horribly sick and Thursday morning in a little under 3 hours of surgery. Right now I'd very much like to avoid thinking about the three days after surgery in which I was in Christ Hospital. I encountered a man who I think holds the nation's record for loudest snorer. I also endured not being able to sleep, lots of pain, needles, nausea, beeping machines, and lots of other stuff I'm blocking out of my memory or refuse to talk about publicly. And through it all I'm glad that I have found strength in Jesus and am so thankful for all the people who love me. I still am dealing with pain, discomfort and lack of consistent gastrointestinal activity. But the happy outweighs the sad, and when we got home I took my niece Briana on a tour of Grandma's house and we had bonding time and I made her smile. I held her and read my book later on too. It's so nice to shower and get all clean, eat Chinese food, and spend time with my family. Please ignore my grammar as I am currently on drugs. Also, please keep praying for my recovery that I will not have so much pain and that my bowel movements will be regular once again.

My toes are cold. I have to go put socks on.