Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Adoption Analogy

Recently some friends of mine have been in the process of adoption. It's opened my eyes to why Jesus commands us to care for orphans and widows - the marginalized. It's because it shows God's passionate love to those who don't deserve it, and who need it most. Just as Christ loved us while we were God's enemies. It is in adoption that God's love shown through Spirit-filled followers of Christ is fully, personally, and experientially demonstrated. I have seen this!

The above concept can be illustrated by a story of a king. He went out to several peasants in His kingdom, and adopted them. He invited them to be part of his life and to join the king in his palace. They could enjoy all good things, the food, the palace, all the benefits of being a child of the king. He just ravished them with his love. What should the response of the adopted peasant chlidren be? Should they fully accept his love and find themselves blown away by the king's love? Or should they suspect that this is too good to be true, and thus it is not true? Or perhaps they protest, "I just can't quite accept it, because this is who I am. I can't give up my life as a peasant."

Give up your life. Accept the ravishing love of God.

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