Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Essence of a Easy Essay

I sleep warmly - on my side, with one pillow, one sheet, one blanket, one comforter, and my feet poking out from the bottom of said laundry. Within the last week I've dreamed every time I've slept - some pleasant, and some fearful. I always sleep with a fan or some sort of white noise. It circulates the air and keeps the room cool. In fact, as a warm sleeper, I'd rather have a chill in the building - 0ne that makes the tile in the bathroom feel like walking on ice at 3:18 am, but makes your bed feel oh so warm at 3:24. I've rested on a pillow named Carlisa for 5 or more years. I bought her at a hotel in the Virginia's while on the road for work. Alas, she is growing old and slowly dying. Recently, a clearanced pillow came into my usage which was so oddly named "The Hunk" which conjures up cartoon characters or cheesy macho masculinity. It's a striped case of fluffiness. Frankly, I don't know why 100% polyester microfiber overfill should be thus termed. Also, while I'm in this department, am I the only one who believes that there is no difference between grades of pillows? Superfirm feels the same as every other pillow to me, unless there are duck, duck, geese and gander involved. And it's been entirely too long since I've whammed someone in the midriff with a pillow. I hope Mr. Profitt's proud of me.


Amber said...

It saddens me to have to disagree with you (only a little bit, though), but I must say there is a definite difference between grades of pillows. My story can be similar to that of "The Princess and the Pea" except with pillows. A pillow too firm=waking up with a headache, a pillow too soft=feeling the firmness of the mattress=waking up with a headache...I need a pillow that is just right...I'm beginning to think this sounds more like Goldilocks..anyway, you get the idea :-)

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