Thursday, January 6, 2011


As a Christian, I seek to entertain myself with good entertainment. Animated movies just happen to be about the only thing I can watch as far as movies go. And I only mentioned them as part of a finale to my Voicemail post. But you said...

"Animated children's movies are for children? What are you talking about?"

"I will watch animated children's movies as long as there is breath in my body!"

"You may want to print a retraction on the children's could shatter countless lives with such a revelation."

Please forgive me. I recant. I am hereby responding to your flabbergastedness.

Animated movies are NOT for children. I hope that I have not deeply offended the amazing adults who read my blog.

Please do not ever get the idea that Pixar makes movies for children, or produces such films to sell stuffed versions of animated characters. These animated movies are rated G and PG and therefore are only suited for the ears and eyes of adults.

Let's see here...
Toy Story? Not for kids.
Finding Nemo? Not for kids.
Cars? Not for kids.
The Incredibles? Not for kids.
Up? Not for kids.
Monsters Inc? Not for kids.
Ratatouille? Not for kids.
Despicable Me? Not for kids.

You get the idea.


Keith said...

I forgive you and accept your recantation. I am so glad that you now realize that the movies that you named were specifically intended for adults. All is well.

Amber said...

phew! thank you for pasting the shattered pieces of my life back mean the lives of countless others :-)

Dani said...

You da man, Sam.
Except I did think Up was kinda' stupid, I'm sorry to say.
I can't wait, WAIT to see Tangled!!!

Oh, and hello. :)

Sam said...

Dani, UP was not as timeless or quotable as I wished it would be or thought it was.

Anyway, I saw Meet the Robinson's on at work today, and realized I LOVE animated movies.

Mel said...

You forgot How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda.