Saturday, January 8, 2011


I work as a patient transporter at a hospital. Here's a list of things that I have been asked or things told to me while at my job.

"Do you have a driver's license?" (To which I quickly reply, "Yes, do you want to see it?")
"How long have you worked here?"
"Do you ever get lost?" (No)
"How long did it take to learn the hospital?" (2 weeks)
"Do you ever race in the wheelchairs?" (No.)
"This hallway looks like Holiday Inn."
"You're a good driver." (Thank you)
"Can I just walk from here?"
"Have you ever thought about just letting go of the chair?"
"You have nice shoulders."
"Those people in green shirts are good drivers."
"Do you work here?" (Yes)
"You smell good."
"How old are you?" (No, not 18. I'm a senior in college)
"Are you using that wheelchair?"
"Doctor! Doctor!" (Um, that's not me...)
"Can you tell me where ______ is?"
"What floor are we going to?" (C level)
"We aren't taking any more admissions."
"You can't take that bed!" (Yes, I will)
"No, you're not!" (When told I was going to transport them)
"Something smells good." (Coffee Shop)
"I can't remember where we parked." (I hope you remember soon)
"Which entrance?"
"Where are you taking them?"
"I don't have that room." (Then please connect me to the nurse that does!)
"Did you have to receive training?" (Yes)
"Wow, I would get lost in here."
"Are you a volunteer?" (No, I get paid)
"Which floor? What number?"
"Have you ever gotten stuck in the elevator?" (Sadly, no)
"Oh! You're here already." (Did you want later?)
"You should get paid by the mile!" (I wish)
"You can just let go of the chair now." (While wheeling people down the front ramp)


JDM said...

I don't think its a bad thing you have not got stuck in the elevator...What if it was with a patient?? I wouldn't consider that...pleasant.

Amber said...

I notice you didn't give your answer to the thought of letting go of the chair...should I just assume a yes on that then? and which does actually smell or the coffee shop? lol

Sam said...

Yes, I have thought of letting go. lol. And I actually have to walk kinda funny while holding them back. (You know, basic physics of wheeled chair with weight in it on an incline.)

I happened to be wearing freshly applied cologne one day. Hence, the comment. However, the coffee shop does smell good (and wafts throughout the main level of the hospital)

Mel said...

So why is it sad that you've never been stuck in an elevator?